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Looking for a great bookkeeping company to refer your clients to?

Refer them to BeanKeepers and we’ll take care of them. We guarantee it.

BeanKeepers is a single purpose, off-site bookkeeping company. We provide full-cycle bookkeeping to small businesses (corporations and individuals) anywhere in Canada.

Founded by professional accountants – for professional accountants.
Our company was founded by a Chartered Accountant who was frustrated with having no where to send his accounting and tax clients for routine bookkeeping.

We partner with professional accountants. We take care of the routine bookkeeping for your clients so that you can spend your time saving them taxes and helping them become more profitable. We take care of recording and filing the GST, PST and payroll, but we don’t prepare personal or corporate income tax returns or provide tax advice. We leave that to the professionals – You.
We provide your clients with:
  • Accurate, complete, consistent and reliable bookkeeping
  • All of our bookkeeping is managed and supervised by some of the best bookkeepers in Canada each of whom are:
    • Certified by one of the three bookkeeping organizations in Canada.
    • Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors (we are  a QuickBooks-only shop).
    • Experienced (at least five full-time equivalent years of full-cycle bookkeeping).
  • Very low overhead costs and efficient systems
    • We designed our business from the ground up to be the most efficient off-site bookkeeping service in Canada.
    • Our low overhead costs, efficient workflow management, and high leverage allow us to provide higher quality, consistent bookkeeping at reasonable prices.
  • Workflow and deadline management
    • We use a world-class, web-based workflow management system to ensure all deadlines and reporting requirements are met.
  • Almost unlimited capacity
    • We provide access to a large pool of well trained bookkeepers and data-entry clerks.
  • Fixed fee pricing
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


We can do full-cycle bookkeeping or we can just a few specific tasks that you don’t want to do.


We are off-site bookkeeping specialists
We are probably a great fit for about 70% of your clients. The others may be better suited to on-site bookkeepers. Our ideal clients are service-based businesses who are eligible to use the Simplified or Quick methods for recording GST ITCs.

Each reporting period, clients provide us (by courier, fax or secure upload) their source documents. We process the bookkeeping and provide them with secure Internet access to their reports. It’s that simple.


Benefits for Professional Accountants

  • Start your year-end engagements with accurate, complete and reliable bookkeeping
  • Increase your capacity for higher value-added work without hiring additional staff.
  • Increase your effective hourly rate and recovery by spending more time on high-value added specialty areas like assurance work, tax planning and business consulting.
  • Improve your image as high-value-add professional services firms by not being associated with low-value commodity bookkeeping services.
  • Improve employee morale and retention by reducing repetitive data-entry for students and non-bookkeepers.
  • Address the new conflict-of-interest rules by having the bookkeeping performed by someone else
  • Take advantage of our almost unlimited capacity.
  • Strengthen client relationships through real-time connectivity
What we do for you (and your client):
  • Bring your clients’ bookkeeping up to adjusted trial balance (before owner remuneration and income taxes), including depreciation, accruals and lease accounting.
  • We provide you with a yearend package that includes the following:
    • Up-to-date QuickBooks data file (or remote access to live QuickBooks data file, if required] so that you can upload QuickBooks data directly into Caseware.
    • Copies of source documents (bank statements, VISA statements, etc.) and reconciliations
    • Any required reports and working papers for accounts that require analysis.
Would you like us to refer work to you?
Many of the clients we get from other sources (advertising and other marketing) may not have professional accountants yet. We get many requests for referrals to professional accountants for:
  • Corporate, Personal and Trust income tax returns
  • External-use financial statements
  • Assurance work
  • Business consulting

Please let us know if you would like to be considered for our Preferred Accountants Referral List. All we ask is that you agree to provide outstanding service and fixed fee pricing. Contact us to add yourself to our list for possible referrals.

Contact Us and we will add you to our list of possible referral clients.
We’ll stop by your local office (or meet via telephone) to discuss how we can help your clients get the bookkeeping they need without you having to do it.

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