Our Pricing

Our Pricing

Fixed-price, value billing

We estimate the value of our work to our client by taking into account a number of variables, including the nature and extent of services required, the complexity of the work and the time it will take us to do the work. We then propose a single, fixed, all inclusive price to our client, in advance of doing the work. We have a frank discussion with our clients before performing the work so that our clients know in advance what services we will be providing and how much they will be billed for those services.

In arriving at our fixed price we spend a significant amount of time upfront, getting to know the client and their business. We review the nature of the company, the nature of its transactions and its reporting requirements. More specifically, we take into account all of the following:

  • Number and nature of transactions
    • Cheques and deposits
    • Cash transactions
    • Credit card transactions
    • Employees and number of payroll periods
    • Credit purchases and sales
  • Efficiency of the methods used by clients to pay invoices and invoice for sales
  • Quality and organization of information provided by client
  • Services to be performed
    • Complexity of Chart of Accounts
    • Number of, and complexity of reconciliations
    • Number of, and complexity of adjusting journal entries
    • Number of working papers required for year-end by accountant
    • Number, frequency and complexity of reports required
  • Time required to complete services

The advantages of fixed fee pricing are as follows:

  • Forces agreement between bookkeeper and client on what services will be required and furnished as well as the value of those services
  • Client knows what the price will be in advance
  • Encourages use of efficient systems, appropriate delegation, and technology

We also include the following in our all inclusive fixed prices:

  • An initial Bookkeeping Systems Review (“BSR”) performed by one of our experienced Certified Professional Bookkeepers to help us understand your existing systems and your record keeping and reporting requirements. Following the BSR, we make suggestions to help streamline your bookkeeping and accounting systems and to reduce your ongoing overall costs of compliance and reporting. (If you like our BSR and you like our company, we’d be happy to follow up and provide you with a Fixed-price Bookkeeping Services Proposal).
  • Ongoing suggestions for improvements to our clients’ bookkeeping and record keeping systems as their business grows and their reporting requirements change over time
  • Unlimited meetings to discuss the bookkeeping, accounting, record keeping systems and any other topic at the discretion of the company or its employees and/or agents
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail support for the companies personnel and/or agents (including your professional accountant) regarding bookkeeping and accounting assistance, and reporting
  • A “Be Organized” BeanKeepers File Box
  • Our 100% client satisfaction guarantee

Initial set up fee

The most time consuming task for bookkeepers is setting up new clients. As a result, you should note that we also charge an initial set-up fee. The amount ranges from $400 - $1,000 based on the state of the existing records and the availability of information.

When we take on a new client, there is a significant amount of work required:

  • For start-ups or companies converting from Simply Accounting
    • Creation of QuickBooks data file
    • Creation of Chart of Accounts, as well as customer, vendor, inventory, service, tax code and employee lists
  • For existing companies
    • Conversion of existing data file (for non-QuickBooks clients)
    • Review existing chart of accounts
    • Review and clean up of Chart of Accounts, as well as customer, vendor, inventory, service, tax code and employee lists
    • Reconcile most recent financial statements issued by external accountant to bookkeeping data file
    • Reconcile bank, credit card and investment statements for all periods since most recently issued financial statements
    • Clean up historical data entry
  • For both
    • Reconciliation of opening bank, credit card, vendor and investment accounts, as well as GST, PST, Payroll and Corporate Income Tax accounts


Payment terms:
In order to keep our overhead costs as low as they can be, we only accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard). We charge your card the amount outlined in our Fixed-price Agreement at the beginning of each month.

Our Promise
Our promise to you is that we will detail the services that you need and our pricing for those services in advance. You will never be surprised by a bill from us.

Client Satisfaction
We stand behind the value of our work and our service level. Our work is guaranteed to the complete delight of our clients. If you are not completely delighted with the services performed by BeanKeepers, we will, at your option, either refund the full price for the previous month’s work, or accept a portion of that price that reflects you level of satisfaction. All we ask is that you tell us what we could have done better to ensure your future satisfaction and delight.

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