Our Easy Process

Our Easy Process

BeanKeepers is an “off-site” bookkeeping firm. Our bookkeepers do the work on our (or their) premises, not yours. Most of our franchisees work from their own home-offices. This helps keep our overhead costs down and helps us reduce the fees we charge our clients.

Our Easy Process – designed to make less work for you

Each month/quarter/year (depending on how often you want your bookkeeping done) you will receive a reminder e-mail from us reminding you to send us your “source” documents for the period. These are the documents that we need to do your bookkeeping.

The Source Documents we need (surprisingly few):

We typically need the following types of source documents for each period that we do your bookkeeping:

  • Company bank statements,
  • Company credit card statements,
  • Payroll summaries, if you use an outside payroll services provider (or payroll detail if you don’t)
  • Copies of correspondence received from the CRA, and
  • A listing of any business expenses that you paid for personally during the period

If you are signed up for and know how to use online banking, we will also ask you to download your bank and credit card transactions once per month and send us the electronic transaction file. This speeds up the data entry process and reduces your bookkeeping fees.

We will ask you do provide us with detailed information about your bank deposits and any automatic withdrawals or electronic transfers (customer/invoice number or payee/purpose). We need this additional detail in order to process your bookkeeping properly. You can either write this information directly on the bank statement next to each such item, or you can provide is to us using an Excel spreadsheet template that we can provide you with.

There is no need to send us all your invoices or other paperwork.


How to get your documents to us (surprisingly easy):

You can provide us with these documents in one of three ways:

  1. Courier them to us using our pre-addressed courier envelopes (and we will return them by courier when we are done with them).
  2. Scan the source documents and upload them to our secure file sharing site (this is much more secure than sending them by e-mail); or
  3. Fax them to us using our local or toll-free fax number

That’s it. It’s that simple. That’s all you have to do.

When we have received all of your source documents for the period in question, we will process your bookkeeping. If we have any questions about any of the transactions, we’ll notify you by e-mail and await your response. Once we receive your answers, we’ll finish the bookkeeping and post any reporting you would like (e.g. a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, or General Ledger) in PDF format on our secure file sharing site. We’ll notify you as soon as the reports are available. You can access and download these reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We can also provide – for a small additional fee - secure online access to your live QuickBooks data file so that you can use it to prepare QuickBooks Invoices, Cheques, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Deposit Slips, etc. We can also provide this same kind of access to your internal or external accountant.

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